Since I was a kid I used to make Bon Jovi concerts (but Prince was my favourite singer) in my room and design games. Lara didn't like them at all. I went to school and I dreamt to be an artist. Then, I saw someone creating a real life zodiac and I decided to create a real life palindrome and a zoo. And then I imagined a world without "R"s, that I can't spell. At that time Valeria made a discovery: youtube videos that looks like Bas Jan Ader. And then there are games that look like performances that look like games that look like performances that look like games. After school I met Mihovil. We were high watching the Space Jam website and I thought: Let's bring a website back in time. And we laughed. And for his birthday I set up a universe in his room. I enjoy talking bad about people. Then I feel bad. But for two months I quit. Sometimes a work doesn't work. Sometimes it does. Sometimes a troublemaker tries to ruin everything you've done. Sometimes you lose, as that time in which my lawyer tried to convince a jury that I should win a prize. Roald Dahl is my favourite author, fairy tales for kids living after WWIII, an endless book and all those stories that you don't know if they are true (someone said that there are 13 dead people for every person living). Or false. Remember, as Rasheed often says, a ball don't lie. And I don't lie when I tell you that I gathered some collectors to play charades, or when Alessandro pretended to be me, when me and my brother made a movie with Slavoj Zizek, when Hans interviewed me. Hans Ulrich Obrist, Tracey Eminem, Nike Kelley, Ai Huawei, Enrico B.
I'm just trying to explain how to cast a spell.

Sincerely Yours,


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